Read historical stories of The Ohio State Reformatory.

Tale of Two Cities: The Journey from OSR to ManCI

There was no mistaking Mansfield's excitement on November 4, 1886, when ceremonies marked the laying of the cornerstone for an intermediate state prison that would become know as the Ohio State Reformatory.

Civil War Soldiers Trained at OSR

More than 4,000 soldiers were trained for action in the Civil War at a camp which stood on the present site of the Mansfield Reformatory.

The Ohio Penitentiary

Built in 1834, the Ohio Penitentiary was actually the second Ohio Penitentiary, the third state prison, and the fourth jail in early Columbus. In April 1955 it housed an all-time high of 5,235 prisoners.

Article on The Ohio State Penn "Inside the Penn"

Today is the 150th birthday of the Ohio Penitentiary on Spring Street, but for these old walls the party is over, the celebrants are gone.

Death on a Legend

From black and white prison stripes and hard labor to blue denims and rehabilitation --- this is the story of the historic Ohio Penitentiary, located in Columbus, Ohio, since 1834.

Ghostly History of OSR

Stone walls and iron bars they're still here, but what of the humanity, if you can call it that, of the old Ohio State Reformatory at Mansfield.

Redemption: The Ohio State Reformatory

Redemption: The Ohio State Reformatory by Shannon Lusk   Lusk,S. Redemption: The Ohio State Reformatory. The Paranormal Underground. 28 May 2013.      28-29. Print   Sitting on the top of a...

Walk the same halls as history's most infamous prisoners. Immerse yourself into the foundation that formed The Shawshank Redemption. Whether you're hunting for the paranormal or simply looking to tour the beautiful architecture, you can find it here at The Ohio State Reformatory.