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February 2024 Restoration Progress

5 Rooms in the Wardens living quarters have been slated to be turned into escape rooms. Historically, these rooms were used as part of the Dignitaries Quarters for administration at the Reformatory. As the Superintendent of a prison, you were expected to entertain certain guests throughout the year. Whether it be a political figure on the state or federal level, Wardens and Staff from other prisons, or maybe just family visiting from out of state, they would have stayed in one of those rooms. 

Each room has to have extensive demo work done to accommodate for 5 themed rooms. This consists of tearing down the old plaster and refinishing the walls and ceilings. Some of the rooms even received new sub-flooring to go along with the different themes. Brand new electrical work has also been done for special effects purposes. 

Other rooms on the third floor will have full enclosures within the room to capture the full experience of the game. Each room will be run by a control room that has also been remodeled. The hallway of these rooms will also be refinished and a brand new exhibit will be placed in the area. Now we don’t want to spoil too much of the escape rooms before release, but we hope you enjoyed a sneak peek of what’s to come.