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Restoration Updates

Restoration Updates
April 20, 2021

Restoration Updates

One never knows what one will find behind a corner, lodged in a cell crevice, or behind a cupboard. Restoration at the Reformatory is always an adventure and prepping the room off the Armory was no exception. The room contained a wooden cupboard that had to be removed in order to open the passageway for handicap accessibility from the Central Guard Room elevator. No big deal, right? The cupboard came down relatively easily but behind the cupboard lay 9 metal pieces. Keith picked them up and turned them over only to be met with the faces of 9 inmates. The dates indicate that these particular inmates were here from the early 1970s and one inmate is smiling as if he just got the news he was released! But how did they end up there? These were the inmate IDs that an inmate had to always carry on their person. Disciplinary action could result if they did not have it when asked. Was it a joke or were these the 9 men designated to build the cupboard? Like a builder leaving an item in a wall to leave their mark so to speak, were these men doing the same. We may never know!


(pictured above: Inmate I.D. cards)

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