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8 Most Haunted Sites at the Reformatory

8) East Wing- 1st floor (Toilet Room and East Showers)

Lately this area has been pretty good for experiences and evidence. Rarely do we have a night where nobody experiences at least a few shadow people down there.

7) Third Floor, Middle Admin

 This is an area that gets to a lot of people. Shadow people, audible voices, footsteps, and the feeling of not being alone is the norm.

6) SubBasement

This area has produced some pretty wild experiences and evidence. This area was even avoided when the building was still in operation.

 5) Chapel

This area has made many skeptics less skeptical. Lately the ghosts have been getting rather grabby up there.

4) West Attic

 Let's just say a very well known paranormal celeb had an experience up there and refused to go back in. I'm not going to say who it was. I'll just say that he grabbed his scarf and walked out.

3) Admin Basement

There seems to be two different entities down there. One's nice while the other is not.

2) Cell Blocks (East and West)

I've seen these areas bring grown men to tears. Many murders and suicides took place in these areas

1) Solitary Confinement (aka: The Hole)

This was the prison inside the prison. Many men took their own lives while housed in this area.   


-Scott Sukel, Ghost Hunt Manager 

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