Rental Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in the Ohio State Reformatory.  Please follow the guidelines below to ensure a fun and safe event.

1.     Set up

  • No adhesive is to be applied to any painted surface. 
  • No nails or tacks are to be nailed into walls or floors.
  • Thumbtacks are not to be used to secure table covers.
  • Candles are allowed in the building as long as they are enclosed in glass.
  • No fog or bubble machines allowed in building.
  • Set-up times must be pre-arranged.
  • No alcohol during set-up times. 
  • No roaming the building during set-up time. 


2.   During Event

  • You and your guests/helpers are only permitted in the areas you are renting; Central Guard Room or Warden’s Dining room and main hallways.  This includes set-up as well as the event.  We make every effort to ensure sure doors and gates are locked to prevent wandering of the building.  If you are renting only the grounds, the building will be locked.  East parking lot restrooms will be open.  In the event anyone with your party is found in off-limit areas, they will be escorted from that area and may be asked to leave the premises.  
  • Restrooms are located next to the kitchen (take elevator to level 1) and outside in the East parking lot.  Staff restrooms are not for public use. 
  • No photographs are to be taken of the prison directly behind the building.
  • If you are offering your guests tours, they must be conducted before alcohol is served. Tours will yeild an additional fee. Audio wands are not included. 
  • Staff will be on hand to assist with any problems.
  • There is no smoking anywhere inside the building.  Cigarette receptacles are available in designated areas outside.
  • Items in kitchen (ex: sugar, creamer, paperware, bowls, etc.) are Reformatory property and are not to be used by renters.
  • If alcohol is being served, a security fee will be charged and a uniformed officer will be on-site during the event.