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Virtual Tours

Now visit the Historic Ohio State Reformatory from anywhere in the world

Renowned not only for its educational value as an architectural wonder, a former prison, and museum, but for its contribution to pop culture, its paranormal experiences, and special events, The Ohio State Reformatory now offers stunning, 360-degree virtual tours.

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Now, you can experience the glory and the splendor – the thrills and the chills — from anywhere in the world! Get a 24-hour pass for just $5. Or secure exclusive year-round access as a supporting Member of the Mansfield Reformatory Preservation Society.

Experience Real-Life Thrills on Your Virtual Tour

  • Get a 24-hour pass OR unlimited yearly access via MRPS Membership and get exclusive access to updated, evolving content: videos, insights, facts, and information during each tour experience Learn our colorful history inside 2 complete museums
  • Get stunning views of the prison’s amazing architecture
  • Explore the intact set of The Shawshank Redemption
  • Do time in tiny, former maximum-security prison cells
  • Wander the spooky & spectacular former residences
  • Sense the true presence of the paranormal… and more

    Glide through empty offices, darkened hallways, storied bedrooms, sinister cell blocks, brutal basements, creepy attics, and historic movie and music-video locations — all from the comfort (and safety) of home.