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Paranormal Program

                 The Ohio State Reformatory is world-renowned for being so paranormally active, bringing professional investigators and novices alike to explore the dark halls and maybe-not-so-empty cells. Shadow figures are seen, ghostly footsteps are heard, and some even experience things like hair being touched or being jabbed with an unseen nightstick…

                New for 2018, we will be adding new and exciting Paranormal Programs:

                For those new to ghost hunting, we now will be offering a Ghost Hunt Challenge!

                Join the OSR staff as they lead you to some of the most paranormally active locations and teach you how to look for ghosts and try out state-of-the-art equipment. After a two-hour learning experience, pizza will be provided. From there, you’ll be free to explore the building until 3 am to test out your brand-new ghost hunting skills!

                Not a novice? Then our intermediate/advanced ghost hunts are for you! Set up like our previous public ghost hunts, you will be given a quick tour followed by a pizza dinner. Afterwards, explore the building until 3 am. These events are for the more experienced investigator- with at least three investigations under your belt already.

                And for the true professionals, we still have private hunts available. Book a night with just your team or your friends here at OSR. Availability is limited so book ahead quickly with Molly at

                Want the full paranormal investigation experience but don’t have the equipment? Use ours!

                Starting in 2018, we will have a selection of paranormal equipment for rent. Track the fluctuations of EMF when a spirit passes by or watch the temperatures drop with a digital thermometer…then return them to us! More information on the rental program will be posted on our website as we get closer to 2018.

                Want to build your arsenal of equipment? We will also be carrying more types of equipment in the Museum Store!

                Book tickets and find more information on our Paranormal Program Page.