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Guest Blogger: Shay Mock


This week’s guest post comes from Shay Mock:
On 03-27-15 we had a private investigation (Ghosts-R-Us). My husband joined my group for this. He wanted to see the location, the building and such. He was very much a skeptic, until that night. During the walk through we got to Cell Block West (the one without the gate over the railings). I told him to stand between the 2 cutouts, which happened to be in a cell doorway, so I could get a picture. My camera conveniently wouldn’t take a pic, however when it finally did his torso was in the cell. He popped out looking confused and kept looking in the cell. I asked him what was wrong.. he replied, my hand was touched”. I said well who or what is in there that could’ve done that. He said “nothing!” Shortly after that we started setting up our cameras in thst block bc we both seemed very drawn to it. Both of our attitudes changed and we both began feeling agitated and defensive, for no reason. Being an investigator I knew we needed out of the building & sure enough it got better after walking out. In that same cell block we wanted to go all the way up, however from the 3rd floor on I had an over whelming feeling of being pushed over the railings. So, I rushed passed the 4th floor thinking it’d get better but when I got to the 5th I wrapped my arms around the pole where the stairs are bc I truly felt as if I would be pushed! After he met me back on the 3rd floor, still holding on I managed to walk it with him. We decided to stop in a cell and try to get Flashlight responses…. and we did! Well they responded to him, not me. I also caught pictures and a lot of audio! Btw.. they do not like the Boo Bear!