The Ohio State Reformatory is OPEN from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. seven days a week.

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Redemption: The Ohio State Reformatory

Redemption: The Ohio State Reformatory by Shannon Lusk   Lusk,S. Redemption: The Ohio State Reformatory. The Paranormal Underground. 28 May 2013.      28-29. Print   Sitting on the top of a crest, stoic and proud, constructedof limestone and iron, the ramparts of Read More...


 Now visit the Historic Ohio State Reformatory  From anywhere in the world Renowned not only for its educational value as an architectural wonder, a former prison, and museum, but for its contribution to pop culture, its paranormal experiences, and special events, The Ohio S Read More...

Welcome to the Ohio State Reformatory Virtual Tour

Enter with a click and experience the Reformatory. If you have a 24-hour pass, you will be automatically logged out when your time expires. Read More...

The Ohio State Reformatory Experience

Stroll the halls and visit the cells of some of history's toughest criminals. Tour the intact set of world’s favorite movie, The Shawshank Redemption. Whether you're reliving scenes from classic films, hunting for the paranormal, or basking in beautiful Romanesque architecture, take a walk Read More...

Article on The Ohio State Penn "Inside the Penn"

By David LoreThe Columbus Dispatch October 28, 1984 Posted with permission from The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch Today is the 150th birthday of the Ohio Penitentiary on Spring Street, but for these old walls the party is over, the celebrants are gone. On October 28 and 29, 1834, 189 prisoners were Read More...

Top 10 Sites to See at the Reformatory

10. Central Guard Room Once used as a visitors hall for inmates' families when visitng once a month. This massive hall is now renovated into a stunning hall providing views of both the East and West cell blocks.    9. Warden's Bedroom The East Admin housed the Warden and his f Read More...

Paranormal Programs at Mansfield Reformatory

   Visit one of the most famous haunted prisons in America. Buy Tickets Now    Read More...

The Ohio Penitentiary

From the website of Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Built in 1834, the Ohio Penitentiary was actually the second Ohio Penitentiary, the third state prison, and the fourth jail in early Columbus. In April 1955 it housed an all-time high of 5,235 prisoners. Most prisoners were remov Read More...

Ohio Halloween & Haunters Convention

2020 Halloween & Haunters ConventionFriday, May 15th, 8 AM-3 PMSaturday, May 16th, 8 AM-3 PMSunday, May 17th, 8 AM-3 PM  Learn more about Ohio Halloween & Haunters Convention   Read More...

8 Most Haunted Sites at the Reformatory

8) East Wing- 1st floor (Toilet Room and East Showers) Lately this area has been pretty good for experiences and evidence. Rarely do we have a night where nobody experiences at least a few shadow people down there. 7) Third Floor, Middle Admin  This is an area that gets to a lot of people. S Read More...

Hello, welcome to the Reformatory

I had such an interesting experience in the gift shop today. I like the fact that as curator, I get to be the first person to talk with patrons as they enter our facility, when I am working behind the desk. I met a former inmate today that was here in 1985. Instead of pulling out his drivers license Read More...
Author: Shannon L.


All proceeds go to the continued restoration of the Ohio State Reformatory. All products may take up to 2 weeks for shipping. Read More...

The Ohio State Reformatory
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 The Ohio State Reformatory is OPEN 7 days a week from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  

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