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Blood Prison Shakedown

Blood Prison Shakedown

The Blood Prison Shakedown is a Halloween/Haunted Attraction conversation hosted by the Owner of the Blood Prison, Vic Amesquita. Guests include Halloween Haunted Attraction owners and actors; including special effect artists and makeup artists from various movies and haunted attractions across the United States. The Blood Prison Shakedown Studios is located within The Ohio State Reformatory, that Blood Prison calls its Halloween home. The Ohio State Reformatory, in Mansfield, Ohio, is the film site of the iconic film, The Shawshank Redemption.

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Episode 14: Robert Kurtzman

November 30, 2021

Episode 13: The Making of the Warden's Widow

August 31, 2021

Episode 12: John & Flo Gepperth

August 18, 2021

Episode 11: Maximus Bryant

August 10, 2021

Episode 10: Katie Lane

August 06, 2021

Episode 9: Ed Ewers of Trail of Nightmares

July 26, 2021

Episode 8: Jeff Hartz of Zombie Works

July 23, 2021

Episode 7: "Crazy" Bob Turner from The Haunted Hydro

July 20, 2021

Episode 6: Dan Jannsen

July 15, 2021

Episode 5: Scott "Tater" Lynd

July 08, 2021

Episode 4: Rick "Stitch" Thomas of Chippewa Lake Slaughterhouse

July 05, 2021

Episode 3: Abe Robinson of Blind 7 Photography

July 01, 2021

Episode 2: Brent Stooksbury from The Haunted Hoorah

June 24, 2021

Episode 1: David "House" Greathouse

June 18, 2021
Join us as we welcome our first guest of Blood Prison Shakedown, David "House" Greathouse.

Blood Prison Shakedown Trailer

May 13, 2021
The host of Blood Prison Shakedown, Vic Amesquita, introduces the newest podcast about all things Halloween and Haunted Attractions.

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