Ghost Hunt Essentials and Suggestions


  1. Bring warm clothing. The building is not heated. The temperature inside the building is generally 10 degrees colder than outside.
  2. Wear sturdy walking shoes. OSR is a large structure consisting of many floors and steps. 
  3. Carry a flashlight. Since selected areas of the structure contain steep and narrow staircases, walking can be hazardous. You may want to bring along a back-up flashlight and extra batteries. 
  4. Always travel in groups or pairs. 
  5. Bring a 35mm camera and lots of film. (An inexpensive point and shoot camera with a built-in flash will also work well. High-speed film of at least 400ASA is excellent for shooting in low light. Color or black and white film will work. Some visitors have had success with infrared film. Likewise, you can experiment with video or digital cameras, but sometimes such cameras do not work as well in low-light conditions.)


  1. Wear a watch or even a stopwatch for timing any phenomena as well as what you feel and sense.
  2. Bring a small tape recorder to record any unusual sounds. Some experts recommend using high-grade metal recording tape. 
  3. It is useful to carry a log or notebook for recording all phenomena as well as what you sense. 
  4. Carry a compass. Some ghost records indicate shifting magnetic fields. An unexplained change in the compass needle could indicate a spectral presence. 
  5. Bring a thermometer. Use a standard thermometer to record temperature changes. Ghost literature reports temperature shifts, icy blasts, and cold spots.

Walk the same halls as history's most infamous prisoners. Immerse yourself into the foundation that formed The Shawshank Redemption. Whether you're hunting for the paranormal or simply looking to tour the beautiful architecture, you can find it here at The Ohio State Reformatory.