Public Ghost Hunt Rules & Regulations

Only small camera bags,back packs, or fanny packs are permitted. Please leave any extra items in your vehicle.

Do not close any cell doors. Some of these doors will lock and we don’t have the keys.

Smoking is not permitted inside the building. You may smoke outside the front door of the building or the back door off the bullpen. Please use cigarette receptacles.

No cell phones or two-way radios.

You may exit the building at anytime, go to your car, get some fresh air, etc. Please be advised that once you leave the grounds, you are finished for the night.

Absolutely No Ouija Boards Or Seances Will Be Tolerated. Anyone Using Ouija Boards Or Conducting Seances Will Be Immediately Removed From The Premises And Will Not Be Allowed To Return On Future Ghost Hunts.

Absolutely no photography or video image is to be used for personal profit without the expressed written permission from the Director’s office. Violation of this rule will result in legal action.

Camera use of any sort involving the north side of the building, specifically photos or video images of the working correctional facility directly behind the Historic Ohio State Reformatory WILL NOT be tolerated. Any parties in violation of this rule will be escorted off the grounds immediately and may face legal action as well as confiscation of equipment.

Do not open any windows in the building. Anyone found climbing out of an opened window will be escorted from the grounds immediately.

Please be respectful of other hunters and keep the noise levels to a minimum. Anyone found scaring people on purpose or being told repeatedly to quiet down will be escorted from the grounds immediately. Tickets are non-refundable. We will not issue a refund for any reason.

Removal or damage of any Reformatory property will result in immediate expulsion from the premises and possible legal action.

During a Ghost Hunt, you are free to roam any area of the Reformatory except those areas blocked off by “caution” tape, chains or locks. Anyone found in those areas will be escorted from the grounds immediately.

No drugs or alcohol. Anyone suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to exit the building and sober up, or wait for a ride. Anyone found consuming alcohol or using drugs will be immediately escorted from the grounds by the local police.

There are NO working toilets in the prison. Please only use working restroom facilities.
Anyone found urinating or defecating in a non-designated area will be arrested and charged with desecration. See Ohio Revised Code 2927.11.

Any form of sex in the building will not be tolerated. Anyone found in violation of this rule will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.